Sweet Lemongrass Car Freshie Refill

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Our Mini Aroma Car Freshie (Freshener) refills are perfect to keep on hand so you never run out of your favorite car freshie blend! Each bottle can refill your freshie up to 2 times!
We offer them in our 11 Aroma fragrances.

✨  Card card included in each order!
Let your senses dance with the uplifting fusion of zesty lemongrass, invigorating lime, and the mysterious allure of black currant. As you delve deeper into its enchanting essence, you'll discover the herbal embrace of sage and thyme, harmoniously entwined with the earthy richness of patchouli. 
Sweet Lemongrass is more than just a fragrance; it's a transformative experience. Like a gentle breeze sweeping away negativity, its cleansing properties will elevate your space and purify your soul. Embrace the fresh and invigorating notes that create an atmosphere of renewal, allowing you to reset your mind and embrace newfound energy.
Indulge in the light musk undertones that add depth and sophistication, like a subtle whisper of serenity. You'll feel a newfound sense of empowerment, leaving behind a trail of positive energy wherever you go.

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