Candle Care Tools

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Prolong the life of your candle by properly caring for them.

Tools include:

Wick Trimmer - Wicks should always be trimmed 1/4” before each burn and you should always trim off the burned portion of the wick before relighting. Do NOT trim your wick before your first burn. They are prepared for your first burn when shipped! Works well with wooden or cotton wicks

Wick Snuffer - Blowing out a candle can create smoke in the air or you can use the snuffer to contain the smoke by extinguishing the flame directly - Works well with wooden or cotton wicks

Wick Dipper - Similar to the snuffer, you can dip the wick into the melted wax pool to snuff out the flame and then bend the wick back up - Best for cotton wick candles only

🕯️Each candle care tool comes in a reusable muslin drawstring bag w/ a care card!

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