Recycling Program

We take this very seriously…

Sustainability that is. Let it Be only creates organic & clean self-care products because we want to make you feel beautiful and safe.

Let is Be is paraben free, preservative free & locally sourced. Our containers are all made from recycled glass & cork. We do not waste any of our “failed” batches, we reuse the materials (as much as possible). We don't make large batches of our products so they can maintain their freshness and benefits longer.

We recycle as much as we can but we need your help! To help eliminate waste and prevent price increases, we created a recycling program for our lovelies!



How it Works






Thank You.


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  1. Fill out the form
  2. Wait for a confirmation email
  3. Once confirmed, you'll receive pre-paid shipping for your return
  4. After return is received, you'll receive goodies!



You'll receive a 35% off coupon to use on any order along with an exclusive item all for helping us stay a sustainable small business!