Aegean Islands Car Freshie

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Our Mini Aroma Car Freshie (Freshener) last 1-3 months with continuous use.
Refill bottles available year round for select fragrances.

Escape to the sun-drenched shores of the Aegean Islands, a fragrance that encapsulates the magic of a Mediterranean getaway. Begin your journey with the invigorating top notes of bergamot and lemon, reminiscent of the crisp, salty air that sweeps across Santorini's iconic cliffs.

These bright citrus notes mingle with a hint of marine, evoking the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea. As the scent unfolds, a heart of delicate rose and fresh grass emerges, capturing the lush greenery and blooming flora that adorn the island.

The subtle sweetness of olive and the vibrant essence of green leaves weave through the composition, transporting you to a summer garden in full bloom. Finally, a foundation of warm wood and sensual musk grounds the fragrance, echoing the timeless beauty of ancient olive groves and the rustic charm of Mediterranean landscapes.

Car Freshie Faves: 3 for $20

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