Balsam Woods Melt Aways

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Melt Away Snaps are a fantastic option if you don't want a flame. Enjoy a fragrant home without worrying about a flame!


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Transport your senses to a crisp, forested wonderland. Imagine the brisk, invigorating embrace of a fresh mountain breeze as you wander through a lush evergreen forest on a wintry day.

At its heart, Balsam Woods unveils the harmonious fusion of zesty lime and succulent pear, an opening that awakens your spirit with a burst of freshness. The earthy embrace of patchouli and sage follows, grounding you in the serene depths of the forest floor, where secrets of nature's wisdom await.

As the scent evolves, the resinous richness of balsam wraps you in a warm, comforting embrace, reminiscent of the season's joyous traditions. And just when you think the journey has reached its peak, the fragrant symphony of pine and cedar takes center stage, conjuring the nostalgia of a new Christmas tree adorned with glistening ornaments.

Immerse yourself in its woodsy depths and let it kindle memories of holiday gatherings and the enchantment of nature's grandeur.

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