Caribbean Teakwood Fiji Reed Diffuser

$15.00 USD

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Our 6oz Fiji Reed Diffuser lasts 3-6 months with continuous use.
We offer them in multiple fragrances!
Replacement reeds & refill packs can be purchased separately.

*Reeds included with purchase.

Exuding confidence and allure - With the intoxicating blend of rich leather, warm allspice, and the deep essence of teakwood, this scent transports you to a world of sophisticated sensuality.

Wrapped in the subtle embrace of tobacco leaves and clove, Caribbean Teakwood unveils its bold character, embracing the strength of sandalwood and the zest of peppercorn, creating a symphony of spicy notes that command attention.

As the fragrance lingers, the enchanting touch of amber emerges, leaving a lingering trail of irresistible charm. Embrace your masculinity and evoke a sultry aura with Caribbean Teakwood, a fragrance that leaves a lasting impression wherever you go.

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