Fig + Moss Luxe Lotion

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Restore your mind, body + spirit with our luxurious hydrating hand + body lotion made from the purest + cleanest ingredients 

Each bottle is filled by weight to 266.49g (9oz) and last roughly 6-12 months depending on use and is shelf stable for 12 months. We use only the finest, and highest quality ingredients available. The incredibly rich, creamy feel will leave your skin hydrated, refreshed, glowing and restored.
Embrace a sustainable future with Wheat Straw! These meticulously crafted bottles offer an eco-friendly packaging solution without sacrificing style or functionality.
With a gorgeous earthy, matte, velvety finish and plastic consistency, they are lightweight and easy to use!


A lush fragrance that beckons you to explore a world of natural wonder. Imagine strolling through a lush rainforest, the air infused with the purest essence of green floral and green leaves, offering a vibrant symphony of scents that awaken your senses.

Embrace the refreshing allure of ozone, as it transports you to a realm where raindrops delicately caress the earth, leaving behind dew drops that enlivens your spirit. The allure of succulent figs adds a touch of sweetness to this crisp and earthy concoction, evoking memories of a paradisal haven.

Jasmine, with its alluring floral charm, weaves a romantic melody amidst the verdant foliage, while the subtle embrace of wood and moss provides grounding and depth to this olfactory journey. The light musk undertones add a touch of sensuality, leaving an intriguing trail as you traverse through this mesmerizing rainforest-inspired scent.

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