French Lilac Melt Aways

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Melt Away Snaps are a fantastic option if you don't want a flame. Enjoy a fragrant home without worrying about a flame!
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Indulge your senses in a captivating symphony of nature's finest elements. Our exquisite fragrance begins with the fresh, invigorating scent of green leaves, setting the stage for a journey through a blooming garden. The delicate lilac and lily of the valley notes transport you to a serene oasis, where the air is filled with the sweet embrace of honeysuckle.

As the scent unfolds, a subtle powdery softness envelops you, evoking a comforting embrace, while the warm and woody depth of amyris adds an enchanting, lasting touch. Immerse yourself in this enchanting bouquet of aromas and let our fragrance elevate your every moment.


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