Sage + Cypress Melt Aways

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Melt Away Snaps are a fantastic option if you don't want a flame. Enjoy a fragrant home without worrying about a flame!


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Made with nature's finest grounding elements. Embrace the harmoniously blend of bergamot's zesty freshness, spruce's invigorating essence, and cypress's grounding touch.
Immerse yourself in the wisdom of sage and the mystique of Palo Santo, while the dark musk dances sensually with smoky wisps. This enticing fusion creates an earthy and musky masterpiece that exudes masculinity and allure. Surrender to its captivating charm and unleash your true essence.
NOTE: The product photo highlights our Yellow Beeswax formula. All Melt Aways are now made with 100% Pure Soy Wax and have a white/cream appearance.

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