Sea Salt Orchid Luxe Lotion

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Restore your mind, body + spirit with our luxurious hydrating hand + body lotion made from the purest + cleanest ingredients 

Each bottle is filled by weight to 266.49g (9oz) and last roughly 6-12 months depending on use and is shelf stable for 12 months. We use only the finest, and highest quality ingredients available. The incredibly rich, creamy feel will leave your skin hydrated, refreshed, glowing and restored.
Embrace a sustainable future with Wheat Straw! These meticulously crafted bottles offer an eco-friendly packaging solution without sacrificing style or functionality.
With a gorgeous earthy, matte, velvety finish and plastic consistency, they are lightweight and easy to use!


Indulge your senses in a captivating symphony of nature with our irresistible fragrance. Experience the invigorating burst of freshly squeezed oranges, intertwined with the delicate allure of freesia and the crisp essence of green leaves, transporting you to the vibrant seaside.

As you breathe in the salty breeze, you'll be entranced by the invigorating notes of ozone that mimic the refreshing ocean air. The comforting warmth of Tonka bean and amber envelopes you like a soft coastal embrace, while a hint of sea salt conjures memories of sandy shores and sunny days.

This fragrance embodies the spirit of the ocean, offering a clean, organic essence that echoes the rhythm of waves crashing against the shore. With every spritz, you'll be immersed in the carefree bliss of a beach day, enveloped in a light musk that lingers like a gentle ocean mist.

Embrace the allure of the seaside, and let this fragrance become an extension of your soul, reminding you that the beauty of nature is always within reach. Awaken your senses with the brightness of the sun, the freshness of the sea, and the freedom of the breeze—all captured in this exquisite saltwater symphony.

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