Candle Refill Disclosure

Please ensure you review our detailed disclosure + follow the instructions from your care card before using your Mini and/or Jumbo Frosted Candle Refills.

  • Only specific containers are available for refill (Mini + Jumbo Frosted ONLY).
  • Refills may not be available upon reviewing the condition of the returned vessel. 
  • Each vessel can be refilled up to 3 times max! 
  • By purchasing a refill option you agree to assume the risk of the vessel being reused during repeat burns.
  • We inspect each vessel but are not responsible for the care after the initial purchase.
  • Our refills are offered as a way to reduce waste and promote up cycling but we are not liable for the candle after the first burn.
SHOPAVIITO, LLC is not liable for any damages caused by burning a refill candle and/or using recycled vessel(s). If any oil comes in contact with your car, wipe away immediately and clean using isopropyl alcohol. We can NOT guarantee the results. By purchasing our product you release SHOPAVIITO, LLC from any liability. 

If you receive a damaged item (cracked lid, cracked vessel, broken wick, etc.) please contact us for a replacement or refund before using the product. Using a damaged candle can cause further damage.


UPDATED 7/11/2024