Store Front

Hi everyone!

My name is Emma Lee Caldwell and I’m the owner/founder of Aviito Aromatics. I’m a Helena, MT native and I started LBHG in 2020 just before the pandemic hit as a creative outlet that blossomed into a small business. Aviito is my pride + joy!

I started creating safe, organic and all natural products while I was in college as a way to save money but also because I wanted products I could trust the ingredients and believe everyone should have that peace of mind ✨

Since March 2020, I have been solely an online retailer. I decided to quit my toxic job in May 2023 and decided it was time to make this my full-time job. I had signed up for my local farmer's market in February but at the time had no idea how I was going to do it. I was SO nervous to put myself out there! I started with the farmers market which led to meeting other small business owners, branching out into wholesale and eventually led to me gaining the courage to attend other events in my area.

My dream since before starting Aviito has always been to one day own a store front. My mom owned her own craft store when I was a kid and it would mean so much more than I could explain to sort of follow in her footsteps and own my own store. You can call me crazy but I even have a little sketched out "blueprint" of the layout I want, a spreadsheet with links to all the decor/furniture and items I want in the store. I want to create a space where people can come unwind from their day, relax, treat themselves and most importantly feel safe, happy + loved!

I have found a few local spaces that would make an amazing place for my ideas to come to life. I’m waiting until I have some extra income (I am currently trying to survive on my business income) before really stepping out there and making things happen. I have so many amazing ideas for a potential store front and would be honored to continue sharing my passion with others!

Donations will be used to secure a location, remodel/upgrade the space if needed, purchase shelving and displays for the products, purchase items from other local small business to supplement my own collections in the shop, and grow our online capabilities to make sure we’re still able to be dedicated to our online customers!

Any additional income I receive throughout the year (2024) will be set aside in a “store front fund” as well in order to help get the shop up and running!


If you’d like to support my goal - please feel free to donate to our GoFundMe or even leave a tip on your orders.


Thank you for making my dreams come true! 💫


Emma Lee L Caldwell